Let SMARTAUDIT® navigate your home health and hospice agency through the changing compliance landscapes!

Today, under increased regulatory scrutiny, failed surveys are becoming increasingly
common – and the fines for home health and hospice agencies are adding up. Many agencies are at a loss for how to improve compliance and stay in business under these new
requirements and stricter enforcements of old ones.

What agencies need is SMARTAUDIT® - a tool that not only keeps up with the latest round of regulations, but stays ahead of the next one. SMARTAUDIT® can help by:

  • Standardizing and consolidating data
  • Providing uniform guidance for data reliability
  • Identifying areas of weakness to develop targeted action plans
  • Helping you avoid penalties and stabilize cash flow
  • Making it easy to track performance, identify trends, and deploy resources
  • Reducing admin time, freeing up managers to focus on education, outcomes, and more

SMARTAUDIT® compliments your scrubber. Start a free trial today!